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The Desert Scorpion Garrison, or DSG for short, is one of Australia’s newest 501st Legion Garrisons, formerly a squad under Terror Australis Garrison. Our members have been spreading the joy of Star Wars across Western Australia since 2011 with our costumes based on the Empire and "bad guys" characters from the Star Wars universe.


We are often asked what is the 501st Legion and what do we do? We are a costuming group that focuses on the ‘bad guy’ costumes of the Star Wars Universe, but the 501st and Desert Scorpion Garrison are so much more than that, we are a social group with a “fun” focus, we care for our community both local and international by using our costumes and spare time to raise money for charities, visit children in hospital and contribute to events that need that Star Wars touch.


So come on in, take a look around, sign up to our forum and join in on the fun that the 501st Legion can bring you.




Induction of 501st Honorary Member Michael Biehn 25th-26th June 2022


While at this years Supanova we had the opportunity to induct our first official 501st Legion Honorary Member, Michael Biehn who made his appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 5 (Chapter 13) – titled ‘The Jedi‘, in which Michael portrayed ‘Lang‘; a hired mercenary who is oppressing a city and its people at the behest of a magistrate named Morgan Elsbeth.


Presentations were split over both days of the convention due to a late imperial shuttle delivery. Liz TB13310 our commanding officer presented the plaque to Michael on Saturday with Marcus BH10690 and Glen BH85421.



On Sunday the presentation of the honorary member certificate, 501st patch, DSG patch, coin and pin was presented to Michael by Glen TK85421 with Jason TI47140 and Kate ID11842.





Congratulations Darran Price DSG Honorary Member


Darran from Accessreel received the honorary membership for his work with DSG and Event cinemas and was presented the award prior to the midnight screening of The Rise Of Skywalker 18th December 2019.





Congratulations Tash Davis DSG Honorary Member


Tash or local Disney representative received the honorary membership for her work with DSG and Disney and was presented the award prior to the midnight screening of SOLO 23rd May 2018.






The 501st Desert Scorpion Garrison is proud to support many worthy charities, here are just a few



Guide Dogs WA


PCH Foundation



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